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Past issue

By Mary Garson and Laura McConnell

In mid-February this year, breakfast was the order of the day, with 5000 women across more than 50 countries gathering at more than 200 breakfast events to take part in a special Global Women’s Networking Breakfast.

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By Brynn Hibbert

Storytelling brings people closer together. Conceived by the RACI in recognition of the International Year of the Periodic Table, Stories from the Periodic Table collects, publishes and celebrates the personal connections we have to the periodic table and its elements. We’ll share some of the best stories over the next few issues.

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Copper speciation in wine

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
The chemistry of copper in wine is both complex and fascinating. Fascinating to me perhaps because of the many years that I have spent working...

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A Russian penfriend

By Ian D. Rae
It was sometime around 1980, when I was still a stamp collector, that I received a letter from a Russian chemist, Dr Igor E. Dolgy, proposing an...

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