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By Jacinta M. Bakker and Douglas R. Macfarlane

The race towards sustainable synthesis of ammonia is underway. Used mainly in fertilisers, this simple molecule is predicted to become a big player in renewable energy exports and energy security, as a liquid fuel replacement for fossil fuels.

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A whiff of chemical harmony

By Ben Selinger
‘A strong background in chemistry works miracles’, according to chemist turned perfumer Christophe Laudamiel. ‘The mystery and myriad of scents...

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Protein stabilisation

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
White wines as well as some sparkling wines and rosé wines commonly have residual protein. This residual protein can lead to problems in the...

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Why do they call it that?

By Ian D. Rae
A buzz went through the historians of chemistry virtual gathering in July when it was reported to the CHEM-HIST list that a number of supposedly...

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Estimating bisphenol exposures

By American Chemical Society
Once found in bottles, food containers, cash register receipts and electronics, bisphenol A (BPA) has been phased out of many products because of...

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