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By Merran Govendir

Koalas are able to detoxify their diet of eucalypt leaves, but this ability means reduced efficacy of their medicines.

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Finite elements

By Colin A. Scholes

Our dependence on certain chemical elements is becoming abundantly clear as they become scarce or run out.

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Making molecular switches

By Lachlan Gilbert

Late last year, Dr Suzanne Neville – a lecturer and researcher in the University of New South Wales’s School of Chemistry – received the prestigious Sandy Mathieson Medal, an award for distinguished contributions to science involving X-ray, neutron or electron diffraction/imaging by a researcher under 40 years of age. Lachlan Gilbert talks to her about the work that led to this recognition.


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By Joshua Marlow

Storytelling brings people closer together. Conceived by the RACI in recognition of the International Year of the Periodic Table, Stories from the Periodic Table collects, publishes and celebrates the personal connections we have to the periodic table and its elements.

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Ever heard of LEMCO?

By Ian D. Rae
My resolve to stay away from the book tables at church fetes, garage sales and places where the detritus of people’s libraries wash up, was...

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Astringency and tannin size

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
Some readers of this column have sought my thoughts on a paper recently published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (...

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Learning beyond chemistry

By Sally Woollett
Fifty years ago, American medical researchers Daniel Carleton Gajdusek and Clarence J. Gibbs, Jr published ‘Infection as the etiology of...

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Crabby chemicals

By Ben Selinger
The great claw of crabs lends its Greek name, via Latin, to a group of chemicals called chelates. Chelates hold a central metal in a claw-like...

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