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By Greg Simpson, Tom Spurling, John Webb and Elizabeth Ferguson

One hundred years ago, there were no plastics in our oceans; it is now unlikely that will ever be the case again. Solving the problem of plastics pollution will take more than innovative chemical technology.

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Life’s a battle: Plant bacteria are experts

By Robert Asenstorfer, Maarten Ryder, Scott Donner, Benjamin Lethbridge and Graham Jones

Publication of three papers by researchers at the University of Adelaide’s School of Agriculture, Food and Wine has completed the work of the late Max Tate into bacterial antibiotics and control of plant pathogens.

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Knowing your onions

By Peter G. Lehman
The dictionary meaning of the expression ‘to know your onions’ is ‘to be experienced in or knowledgeable about a subject’. There were two people...

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An antimony mystery solved

By Ian D. Rae
Like a household or a business, a chemistry department needs to review its holdings from time to time, focusing on certain possessions and asking...

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