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Assessment in the chemistry teaching laboratory

By Reyne Pullen, Stuart C. Thickett and Alex C. Bissember

A group of chemistry researchers and lecturers have investigated the viability of a competency-based, qualitative laboratory assessment model in first-year undergraduate chemistry.

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A turning point for humanity: Redefining the world’s measurement system


This November, in Versailles, France, representatives from 57 countries are expected to make history. They will vote to dramatically transform the international system that underpins global science and trade. This single action will finally realise scientists’ 150-year dream of a measurement system based entirely on unchanging fundamental properties of nature.

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2018 science Nobel prizes

By Nobel Media
Physiology or Medicine: immune defence in cancer treatment The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 was awarded jointly to...

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I’ll drink to that

By Paul Moritz
In December 2017, the New South Wales Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) came into effect. This meant that the ‘Premier State’ joined South Australia...

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Defining natural wines

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
Why consumers choose natural wines has been a common question since my article in the September/October issue (p. 38). I have not been able to...

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