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How isotopes traced Ötzi’s origins

By Alf Larcher

Some stunning analytical chemistry has revealed the story of Ötzi, a Neolithic man whose frozen remains were hacked free from a glacier on the Austro-Italian border after 5300 years.

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Looking at light

By Ben Selinger
We can see the colour spectrum, but we do not sense much beyond this tiny region. Beyond visible light, we feel the warming effect of heat, see...

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Chemistry and the pandemic

By Ian D. Rae
  Australians spending long periods at home during last year’s on-again, off-again restrictions on public and private life found many ways to...

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Electrified bubbles

By David Huang
The formation of bubbles at electrodes is a ubiquitous problem in technologies from batteries to industrial smelting. An adhering gas bubble will...

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Education research

By Reyne Pullen (ed.)
Home practical activities during campus closures During first semester 2020, along with most institutions, the authors were unable to run their...

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