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Past issue

By David W.T. Griffith, Paul J.B. Fraser and Ian E. Galbally

In day-to-day life, climate change can seem intangible. But long-term records of global temperatures and atmospheric composition and their correlations show that climate change is real.

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Hard reality

By Dave Sammut and Chantelle Craig

Rhino horn is still prized as a status symbol and for its perceived medicinal properties. Can the science of synthetics fortify the battle against poaching?

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Specifically about heat

By Ben Selinger
It is cold outside and suddenly you feel the urge to urinate. Why? Well, you expend a lot of metabolic energy in keeping a bladder full of waste...

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New fuel for old

By Duncan Seddon
Today we are constantly assailed with statements about our being in a state of transition away from fossil fuels and that soon the transport...

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It’s nitrogen all the way

By Ian D. Rae
When I use a product containing a named chemical, I like to check the molecular structure, and this sometimes leads me on a search for other...

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