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Past issue

A is for analogue

By Ben Selinger

From slide rules to crime scene analysis, the nomogram has served as a trusty tool.

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A practical problem: Teaching and learning chemistry online

By Madeleine Schultz, Andrew Allsebrook, Magda Wajrak and Seamus Delaney

Practical activities have been one of the most difficult challenges for science teaching and learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Four secondary and tertiary chemistry educators share their approaches here.

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Forays of Finlayson

By Ian D. Rae
The things that chemists do when they are not doing chemistry can make interesting reading, and I came across a particularly interesting example...

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Rethinking online chemistry teaching

By Stephen George-Williams
When it comes to teaching and learning, I have always been a creature of change. I have significant problems just leaving things as they are as...

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