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Past issue

By Peter Colman

A key scientist in one of the earliest examples of structure-based drug design, Peter Colman reflects on work to describe the influenza virus protein neuraminidase and discusses the challenges facing ongoing efforts to expand the portfolio of anti-influenza drugs.

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The rise and rise of gallium

By Dave Sammut

Dave Sammut and Chantelle Craig report on the history and emerging applications of an element with a controversial past and strategic future.

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Reducing landfill

By Duncan Seddon
Compared to most of the developed world, when it comes to rubbish, Australia is a lucky country, because our rubbish can be disposed of at...

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Emily’s career advice

By Ian D. Rae
I have a special bookshelf for little volumes. This one, Analytical chemistry as a profession for women, was published in London in 1920. It has...

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A new kind of isomerism

By David Huang
The final possible simple form of conformational isomerism has been revealed by Peter Canfield, his supervisors Maxwell Crossley (University of...

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