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Past issue

By Peter Karuso

Darwin’s concept of evolution revolutionised biology some 150 years ago and remains a central paradigm of biology. This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry recognises the application of evolutionary principles at the molecular level, directing molecules to rapidly evolve useful functions.

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The life of Brynn

By Dave Sammut and Chantelle Craig

In this International Year of the Periodic Table, Dave Sammut and Chantelle Craig profile Australia’s representative to the IUPAC Analytical Division, Emeritus Professor Brynn Hibbert.

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Networks, workforce development and resilience

By Tom Spurling, Colin Gallagher, Dean Lusher, Chris Such and Tim Davey

Industry networks are surprisingly fragile, and Australia’s chemical industries are no exception. Tom Spurling and colleagues explain the importance of social network analysis.

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Mapping molecules

By Giselle Roberts

A scientist once told me that identifying the optimal interaction between molecules is like finding a needle in a haystack. Professor Brian Smith, molecular modeller at the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science at La Trobe University, is an expert at just that.

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Wine, SO2 and a mobile phone

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
‘Wine, electrochemistry and song’ was the title of an article I wrote for the December 1996 issue of this magazine. This was all part of the...

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Guts and grunts

By Ian D. Rae
The Australian Open is on again this month, so we can expect to hear the ping of racquets and the grunts of tennis players in Melbourne. As with...

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Transforming laboratory learning

By Reyne Pullen
Recipe-based teaching laboratories, where students simply follow a given set of instructions are known for invoking little critical thought and...

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