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By Colleen Flaherty

There’s a movement for better posters at science conferences. But are they really better? And how does poster push relate to the ongoing campaign for open science?

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Beyond chemistry: DIY medicine

By Peter G. Lehman
Many of us in Australia are exponents of do-it-yourself (DIY). But have you heard of the Open Insulin Project, the Four Thieves Vinegar...

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Rapid responses to smoke taint

By Kerry Wilkinson
In the May 2012 grapevine column, Geoff Scollary summarised what was then known about the impact of bushfire smoke on grapes and wine. Since...

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Still some X about X-rays

By Ian D. Rae
In late 1927, the Commonwealth of Australia placed an order with the Belgian Radium Society for 10 grams of the radioactive substance, at a cost...

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