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By Nanthi Bolan and Dan Tsang

Australia is throwing away more than four million tonnes of food each year.  It’s too good to waste, say environmental chemist Nanthi Bolan and chemical engineer Dan Tsang.

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Why can’t dogs eat chocolate?

By Susan Hazel
Most pet owners know chocolate and dogs don’t mix. Despite this, chocolate poisoning in dogs remains a problem, particularly at Christmas and...

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Inquiry-based investigations

By Kieran F. Lim
Over the last few years, the Australian curriculum and its variants have increased the emphasis on inquiry-based activities. What is...

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Greener blue jeans

By Wallace Ravven
Who doesn’t like blue jeans? They’re practically wrinkle-proof. The indigo dye that provides their distinctive colour holds up to detergents, but...

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Growth in lithium demand

By Duncan Seddon
I have received quite a bit of feedback and interest in my column on lithium (March 2016 issue, p. 34) in which I gave rough estimates for the...

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Wine filtration

By Geoffrey R. Scollary
The filtration of wine remains a controversial issue, especially as there are an increasing number of ‘natural’ wines on the market. Critics of...

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Old and new carbon

By Ian D. Rae
In the early 1950s, only a few years after Willard Libby’s invention of the technique of radiocarbon dating, the Museum of Applied Science in...

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